Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some questions you may ask.

Bitcoin is trusted widely because it is open-source and decentralized. This means that the global public has access to the entire Bitcoin source code at any time. All payments can be made without reliance on a third-party and the whole system is protected by heavily peer-reviewed cryptographic algorithms and most important thing is no institution or organization can control Bitcoin.
We currently accept the following payment methods:
• credit card (Visa / Mastercard) – Minimum USD 100 Maximum USD 1000.
• cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
Our mining farm started operations since 2018 and is located in Russia, but due to security reasons, we do not disclose the exact location of our mining farms.
It means Tera Hashes per second. This is the mining power of our mining hardwares.
The total number of TH/s you purchase determines how much profit the hardware can Mine for you. The higher the mining power (TH/s) the higher the profit you generate.
SHA-256 is used to mine Bitcoins (BTC). This means, that the only factor which influences your profit is the mining difficulty.
THASH is used to mine Ethereum. the only factor of influence is the difficulty of mining.
The maintenance fees covers all costs related to mining including :
• electricity cost
• maintenance
• hosting services
• cooling

It currently applies to SHA256 contracts, and it is calculated per GH/s and automatically deducted on a daily basis. The current maintenance fee details is provided in the contract. Those fees have a affects your profit.
Your income drops in your account once daily, but you can withdraw these incomes weekly.
You can get in touch with us via our contact page or email us at [email protected]